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Self-Load Shipping Container Questions

Yes every couple of feet all along the side of the floor and ceiling so if you have some nylon ties or straps it’s easy to secure things.

Yes, you can but you must notify us at least two weeks in advance. Click here for more tips on loading and securing.

We have what is called a “live load” trucking service where you get 2 hours free and thereafter while the trucker waits its $95 per hour waiting time. Or, a “drop and pick” trucking service where we can drop the container at your residence one day and collect 24 or 48 hours later. This is normally twice the trucking price, as the trucker has to make two trips. This is not so bad if you live within 50 miles of the local terminal or port but can get expensive if you live far away from a port of inland container terminal.

Well you need somewhere to park it like a large driveway or check to see if you are allowed to keep it on the road. The container will be on a chassis (with wheels) and around 4 foot from the ground so you need to hire or make a loading ramp or have enough help to pass everything up into the shipping container. You also need to know that by packing and loading your own container you will be saving between $2500 and $5000 in packing charges! For more information about our shipping containers, click here. We also have information for container specifications, here.

Most containers you see for sale are not licensed or up to shipping standards to be loaded on a ship. Also most shipping lines do not like to load other people’s containers and at the very least are going to always give priority to using their own containers first. When UPakWeShip give you a self-loading shipping container rate, it is based on us renting a container from the shipping line for that one journey. So bottom line we do not suggest trying to ship your own steel container overseas.

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