What to consider when moving from the USA to Europe

When moving between states is considered a big deal in the US, the thought of moving countries, let alone continents, is downright terrifying. But it’s also hugely exciting, and will probably end up being of the best decisions you ever make.

We totally understand the pull of Europe. The different cultures, the different languages, the food. Why would you not want to live in a country which thrives on freshly baked bread and endless cheese?

However, alongside all of the dreaming about pizza and pasta is the practicalities. You know where you’re going, you know when you’ll be going, but how do you actually get there?

Where are you going?

The rolling hills of Scotland, or the sunny French riviera? A couple of miles across almost any European border will bring you a whole new culture, language and diet! Once you’ve decided, the chances are it will take a little while to find the perfect town, city or village to suit you. This can be even more difficult without going over and checking it out yourself – which is why so many people rent initially when moving countries.

You may not know your address when you start to book your moving company – and that’s totally fine! You can always update your shipping address at a later date.

What are you taking?

If you’ve built a life here in America, the chances are you’ve got a fair few belongings – some of which you won’t want to transport with you. It can be cheaper to furnish a house in your destination country, rather than ship all of your old furniture over – #NewCountryNewYou, right?

From the off, make a list of any major furniture you want to take with you, this will help determine how you’re going to ship your belongings. For smaller items, a U-crate 50 could be just right, for a chest of drawers or parts to a bed, you may consider using a U-crate 100 or even U-crate 200, but if you’ve decided to take items such as sofas, you’ll probably need to get a quote for a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. This leads us on perfectly to our next point…


…How are you getting it there?

You want to find a shipping company who is reliable, with fantastic customer satisfaction and reviews from real people, obviously. Finding a trusted company to transport your life to the other side of the world is, admittedly, pretty daunting. So here are some things to consider:

Are you going to save some money and pack yourself, or do you want professionals to pack it for you?

Are you happy for your belongings to take a little longer, if it helps you to save money? In which case, shipping over flying is the options for you.

Make sure you’ve checked out all fine print before signing any contract, a lot of companies will quote you significantly lower than the final sum, the last thing you need on top of moving stress! Search for a no-hidden-costs company, to avoid nasty surprises.

Customs Forms

Dreaded customs.

The good news is, Europe aren’t nearly as scary at their borders as the US is.

The bad news is, you still need to be equally as prepared.

Under the presumption you’ve got your own visas covered to live and work in the country, it’s those items you shipped over that will be weighing on your mind. Luckily, UPakWeShip will take you through the entire process including letting you know which customs forms your country will be asking for! This includes the UK’s Transfer of Residence forms, a must-have for anyone shipping belongings into the country.

If you’re moving from the US to Europe, get an upfront, all-inclusive rate right now on the UPakWeShip website today.

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