Why is insurance so important when moving abroad?

Let’s face it, moving abroad is a pretty stressful experience in itself. Even the most prepared, organized people, will find the buildup and day hard. But, once your belongings are gone, they’re gone. You can breathe a sigh of relief, crack out the wine, and concentrate on moving yourselves to your new destination.

For the most part, your belongings are out of sight and out of mind. If you’ve packed yourself, you’ll know where each of your household items is, what’s in each box, and – those who are really ahead of the game – may have even packed methodically to ensure the urgent items are at the top of the U-Crate/Pallet.

However, occasionally, something could go awry with your move. Although we wish we could control the weather and the waters, freak accidents do happen. And if your belongings are involved in said accident, you want to make sure they’re completely covered by insurance.

Insurance for most is common sense, but for others, it can take a little persuasion. Do you really need to fork out the extra cost? The answer, simply, is yes. In the grand scheme of things, the cost of insurance is well worth the money if fate isn’t on your side the day of your move.

Luckily, UPakWeShip offers our own insurance for door-to-door/curb-side moves. So if you’ve ordered one of our services and have requested it be sent to your new home, we can help you out with the insurance!

So, what does our insurance include?

Well, if you’ve managed to pack your belongings securely and the damage isn’t caused by your own mis-packing of items, we will cover total loss plus loss or damage to individual items if caused by an external force. For instance, a forklift, a storm, a truck accident or shipping container crane are all examples of what our insurance would cover you for.

And how does it work?

When booking, you can decide then or between confirmation and pickup, whether you want insurance. Simply get in touch with your shipping coordinator.

If you choose to go with UPakWeShip insurance, the policy cost is 2.5% of the value you put on your items. This decreases to 2% if the value exceeds $30,000.

It’s simple, easy and extremely important to get your move covered by insurance. Read more about UPakWeShip insurance on our website!

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